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In September of 2012 I felt a bump in my right breast. Thought nothing of it (looking back didn't even want to think about it) so in early 2012 I brought it to my husbands attention he said we must go to the doctor. Now I should have listened to him and made the appointment as soon as I could but my career as a 28 year old hairstylist as (Jemhair) was just starting to boom.

I was working behind the chair at two locations, and freelancing in LA doing hair for the Disney Channel, David Tutera Weddings, and various B & C list actresses. I was killing it finally all my 8 years of hustle had paid off. My sister was getting married in Hawaii in August of 2013 there was no way I was missing that so the lump kept getting pushed off. And when we got back from Hawaii it was time, it was time to face the music.

On September 26th 2013 I was diagnosed with stage three Brest Cancer invasive ductal carcinoma. I was at work when my doctor called me, while I was working on a client and my whole world went black. I couldn't even call my husband right away as I was in this fog of questions and processing in my head "I have cancer?" "How do I tell my husband and family?" "What's next?" "How am I going to get through this?"

I called my husband after my client had left and went home. What an emotional day that was. But after that I took a long hard look in the mirror and said Jenna you can do this you can do anything you put your mind to.

A day later that's when we met Martha Osborne, the Breast Health Nurse and Educator at The Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer in Pomona California. She has been a angel sent from God I truly believe. Because I wouldn't have known what to do where to go or have any sanity if it weren't for her. For two weeks I took test after test, than I got in ASAP for a double mastectomy.

We were lucky my insurance covered my left breast because that one didn't have cancer. My right breast showed a 3.6 cm cancerous tumor my mastectomy took place a month after of finding out on October 25th 2013. After a lot of rest... weeks of rest ( which I hate doing cause I'm a go-go-go-er) I saw my oncologist and she informed us that as my cancer didn't spread into my lymph nodes, which was amazing news! But It did spread into two other places in the right breast region behind the 3.6cm one and each tumor was 1cm which meant I would have to undergo chemotherapy for 4 sessions because anything under 1cm tumor hospital tests can pick up on and they were worried I had my cancer cells floating around. I was prepared & ready.

We then a week later went to a fertility doctor to inquire about freezing our embryos. But after a long emotional day of that, I and my husband decided to give it up to God, for many reasons. We knew that God will secure our path.

A week after that, December 12th I started chemotherapy, lost my hair two weeks later on the dot (the day after Christmas) and as of January 22, 2014 I've completed my third round and now I'm here. My life did a complete 360' right before my eyes, my life changed and not for the worst for the better. I now see my beauty and it's a beauty I have never recognized before this cancer. I have this fire to help and bring beauty and fashion and support to other women battling cancer young or old. I feel as though I've found myself and my calling through cancer. I have so many plans and dreams to help others as others even strangers have helped me.

I've had so much support from so many people, friends, family & my husband. Oh my husband he is truly an amazing Rock to lean on he has been there for me 100% through all of this whirlwind of emotions. I am very blessed.

So there it is my story as Jenna Erin Murray aka JemHair aka Confessions of a bald girl is battling breast cancer.
With Love -Jen

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